Business high for tourism brochure distribution company

Media release from VisitorPoint

New Zealand-based brochure distribution company VisitorPoint finished 2017 with its biggest month on record.

The company’s distribution services hit a record high for December 2017, close to 1.3 million brochures dispatched in December alone, up 11% on December 2016.

More than 10.9 million brochures were distributed in 2017.

VisitorPoint is New Zealand’s only national distributor of travel and tourism information, having distributed brochures throughout New Zealand for more than 30 years.

Delighted about placing more tourism products in market than ever before, business development manager Jenni Powell said the increase was a big accomplishment, especially in today’s digital age.

“Printed tourism brochures are certainly not a thing of the past in New Zealand,” she said.

“More than 38% of visitors are using travel brochures as a primary source of information for bookings.

“December is always a particularly busy month for us but to see such a significant percentage increase nationally is really impressive.

“We’ve been working really hard to help spread national growth into the regions, alongside Tourism New Zealand’s efforts to promote regional growth.”

Distribution in Northland, Marlborough and Dunedin grew significantly with over 30% increase in each region.

Mrs Powell said the growth was a result of growing demand, the company’s suite of products and increased accessibility of advertisers to potential clients and trade.

“After a bumper year of growth, we’re looking ahead to our target of 11 million brochures for 2018, and continuing to grow and develop in the regions beyond the popular tourist spots.”

With offices in Queenstown, Christchurch and Auckland, the company has over 2000 physical display outlets nationally, and 30 staff including 19 high-profile merchandisers who are constantly on the road supplying its 36 distribution circuits.

Picture caption:

1/ VisitorPoint’s distribution services hit a record high for December 2017. Image credit: Colin Walkington

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Major milestone for Millbrook Resort’s new golf course and residential expansion

Media release from Millbrook Resort

Queenstown’s award-winning Millbrook Resort is celebrating a major milestone — taking the next step towards developing a neighbouring farm into a new golf course interspersed with high-end residential homes.

The development — with an estimated cost of $45m — has been three years in the planning. In 2014 the Overseas Investment Office approved Millbrook’s purchase of 67 hectares of the former Dalgleish Farm land on its western boundary.

Two years of discussions followed around the Queenstown Lakes District Council’s District Plan review as it applies to Millbrook Resort’s existing and future zoning, and a Plan Change hearing was held in February this year.

On October 18 the QLDC notified its approval of an extension to the existing Millbrook Resort Zone subject to appeals. The appeal period closed on 30 November with no third-party appeals believed to have been submitted.

Millbrook itself has appealed one narrow aspect of a solitary rule which is expected to be resolved quickly. Once resolved, the new ‘District Plan Chapter 43 – Millbrook’ will become operative.

The new development will add nine new golf holes to Millbrook’s current world-class 27-hole offering, meaning two full 18-hole courses will operate when it opens.

Site clearance is scheduled to start in early 2018, including a raft of ecological and landscape enhancements. Once the new golf course is constructed and ‘grown-in’ the aim is for it to be open for play over the summer of 2021/22.

Introducing a 36-hole format at Millbrook will be a ‘game changer’ for the resort in more ways than one. Millbrook Director of Golf Brian Spicer said the additional nine holes of golf on the farm land would effectively add 100% golf capacity.

“It will mean we have two fully operational 18-hole courses that can be played simultaneously for minimal additional maintenance costs” he said.

“It’s fantastic news because it will cater not only for our Millbrook Country Club members and locals, but for the significant growth opportunities for high-yielding golf tourism in New Zealand, particularly here in the Queenstown Lakes area.

“Our plan is to run one private members’ course and one public course, changing the holes played on a daily basis.

“That adds to the exclusivity of our golf club offering for our 480 family memberships, and alternating it will keep it interesting for members and be an incentive for visiting golfers to stay an additional night and play the other course.”

Millbrook Director of Property and Development Ben O’Malley said the re-zoning and notification process had been “extremely comprehensive” and the resort was delighted to have reached this milestone moment.

“We’ve worked very closely with the QLDC to reach this point in the planning process and they’ve been pragmatic enough to see the wider benefits of extending the Millbrook Resort Zone, for which we’re very grateful,” he said.

“Our membership base continues to grow with the continued success of our building programme within the existing Millbrook Zone and with the 42 homes that are planned for the new land.”

The news has also been welcomed by Golf Tourism New Zealand (GTNZ) Executive Director Ryan Brandeburg. GTNZ had been tasked with growing the value of inbound golf tourism from $145M to $223M by the end of 2016.

“I’m happy to report that we currently sit well in excess of $300M annually, and Queenstown has proven to be an incredible draw for international visitors,” said Ryan.

“The town captures a significant amount of the 32,000 international visitor rounds played across New Zealand’s marquee courses in 2016, and happily many of those visitors are lovers of wine too, which Queenstown’s pretty good at!”

Mr Brandeburg said the timing of the new course was “perfect”, with the quality seen across Millbrook’s existing 27-holes, The Hills golf course and other courses in the region meaning the destination was poised to be a drawcard for international golfers for years to come.

“However with competitor markets on the rise, such as the 25 golf courses under construction in Vietnam, we need to continue investing in our golf product to be competitive in the multi-billion dollar international golf tourism space.”

Mr O’Malley said the stunningly unique topography of the Dalgleish farm land provided a fantastic opportunity for the golf course designers, as well as lending itself to development of two geographically-separated residential neighbourhoods.

The large upper plateau contains 24 sites hidden from view from Malaghans Road and other public places while boasting elevated panoramic views over fairways and pastoral lands to the wider basin. The lower slopes are home to a further 18 sites with north-facing outlooks over an enhanced Mill Stream and the last of the stunning new golf holes.

The golf course layout is the brainchild of experienced golf course designers Greg Turner and Scott Macpherson who designed Millbrook’s new Coronet Nine in 2007/8. The new holes will combine with the Coronet Nine to make an 18-hole course.

The new holes make the most of the beautifully ice sculptured valleys and dramatically undulating land form which allows for what is believed to be the highest golf in the region, if not New Zealand.

Former NZ golf pro Greg Turner said much of the new nine would occupy “perhaps the most spectacular landscape at Millbrook.”

“With the combination of the Arrow and Coronet nines receiving such universal acclaim from the NZ Open field this year, to be able to extend the Coronet experience to a full 18 is an exciting prospect indeed,” he said.

Parts of Mill Stream will be widened to create larger waterways, and other areas will be retained as over 20 hectares of working farmland, featuring common grazing land and an historic woolshed that will be rebuilt and relocated to a paddock adjoining Malaghans Road.

The original 1860’s farmhouse will be retained with some sympathetic additions, and an existing visible irrigation pipe, part of the Arrow Irrigation Company network, will be relocated and buried underground. An irrigation reservoir and pumphouses will also be built on site.

Mr O’Malley said the new development would retain a rural, agrarian style thanks to the rustic open farm areas scattered around the course, including the high hillocks that form a natural western geographical ‘end point’ to the resort.

“As a local response to the geographical conditions, planting on the upper plateau will be limited to native species, and our design guidelines refined to reflect the location of these homes. The landscape and architecture on the lower slopes will be a continuation of the established Millbrook style of development.

“So for those living there or playing the course it will have its own unique look, style and feel, from rich bird and fish life in restored wetlands and deeply-incised rock walled valleys to the montane upper plateau where grazed hillocks transition into manicured fairways and carefully-designed residential areas.

“We can’t wait to start work on this and bring it to life after so many years in the planning.

“As one of the largest employers in the region this new development will ensure that Millbrook Resort continues to make a very significant contribution to the local and national economy.”

Picture caption:
1/ An aerial view of stunning Dalgleish Farm which Millbrook Resort will develop into a new golf course with residential homes

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Spreading festive cheer

Photo caption from Five Mile Retail and Business Centre

Lucky Queenstown local Hannah Fox has won hundreds of dollars’ worth of prizes in Five Mile retail centre’s first ever Christmas competition.

The majority of the 40 businesses and stores located at the retail centre each donated two bundles of gifts to the competition, which ran over the first 12 days of December.

The prize draw consisted of two bundles; one for a lucky shopper and the second for local charity Happiness House to distribute to deserving families in time for Christmas.

Collecting the charity bundle yesterday (Wednesday December 13) was Happiness House co-ordinator Niki Mason.

“We’re incredibly grateful for the generosity of Five Mile tenants,” she said.

“I’m overwhelmed by the huge trolley of prizes and can already picture everything going to a certain person or family. It will make their Christmas!

“We’ve seen an increase in families receiving gifts this year and it’s very heart-warming.

“Handing out our Christmas boxes is always a very emotional time, so we can’t thank Five Mile enough!”

Five Mile property manager Angela Davis said the management team was overwhelmed with the “amazing turnout” in entry forms.

“Tenants have been extremely generous in their donations,” she said.

“Happiness House is over the moon with what they’ve received today as part of their prize bundle. We’re honoured and delighted to work with such a worthy cause.”

Picture caption:

1/ Spreading festive cheer – Five Mile Centre management team Eric Nauta (L) and Angela Davis (R) and Happiness House co-ordinator Niki Mason with the donated gifts

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VisitorPoint, the ‘silently awesome’ company behind tourism brochure distribution

Media release from VisitorPoint

In today’s digital age, you’d be forgiven for assuming that printed tourism brochures are a thing of the past.

That’s where one thriving and growing New-Zealand based brochure distribution company has the facts and figures to prove otherwise.

VisitorPoint is New Zealand’s only national distributor of tourism information, having distributed brochures throughout New Zealand for more than 30 years.

Formerly known as Jasons, in December 2013 the company was bought by New Zealand businessman Geoff Spong of Bennetts Group.

Spong took a long, hard look at the business and in June 2015 ceased publishing to concentrate on its core business of distribution.

It fully re-branded as VisitorPoint in early 2016 and invested heavily in systems, a new mobile data collection app and a brand-new website and trade website. It now boasts an unrivalled, measurable network that operates the length and breadth of the country.

It has over 2000 physical display outlets nationally, and 30 staff including 19 high-profile merchandisers who are constantly on the road supplying its 36 distribution circuits.

No other business in New Zealand does what it does, especially with its speciality focus on the travel and tourism sector and its contract warehousing with data collection, dispatch and extensive reporting services offered to a wide range of businesses.

And the company is growing, with more staff in the pipeline and more than 10.5 million brochures distributed annually.

The good news for VisitorPoint is that even in this digital age, more than 38% of visitors use travel brochures as a primary source of information in New Zealand.

With offices in Queenstown, Christchurch and Auckland, the company boasts a combined 170-plus combined years’ experience within its staff. General Manager Kelly Harland has been with the business for over 19 years, and another seven have more than ten years each under their belt.

As Business Development Manager Jenni Powell says, it’s a “silently awesome” company that’s been growing and innovating somewhat under the business radar.

“That’s about to change,” she says.

“The growth of the business, our websites and our warehousing and distribution services, are a huge success in just two years, giving people an easy and accessible way to find all the information they need to sell New Zealand tourism.

“With 36 circuits plus an extensive online trade network, clients can ‘pick and mix’ where they want to be distributed, making it easy for tourists to find the information they need.

“We have over 700 titles listed on our trade website, and trade outlets such as the 80-plus i-SITE’s around the country can order their stock and keep track of what they need using our recording system.

“In the last two years the dispatch through our circuits and trade website has increased by 17%. We’re looking after over 900 titles nationally, all tourism brochures.

“We’ve had a fantastic year of growth, consolidation in some areas and getting the brand out there. We can’t wait for 2018 and what the year might bring.

“If we can grow our business, we can help grow yours.”

Picture caption:

1/ On the road – VisitorPoint’s high-profile merchandisers travel the length and breadth of the country. Image credit: Colin Walkington

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