We can’t keep it quiet any longer, the secret is finally out – we’ve rebranded! After months of sweat and creative ideas, we’re so excited to announce the launch of our fresh, refurbished and a little bit wild SPR brand! Here’s some of the treats you’ll find within our new site:

  • New look and feel that encompasses everything we are as a Queenstown public relations agency
  • Big, bold and vibrant graphics
  • User-friendly interface focusing on visitor experience
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Section designed to showcase clients and their triumphs
  • Blog section dedicated for updates, top tips, Southern PR news and insightful reads
  • A revamp of our services, plus a few newbies dropped into our client toolbox


1. New Look and Feel

As Southern PR Queenstown is such a big personality with a quirky culture we knew we needed an authentic brand to match. As the website’s often the first place of contact, it was imperative we made an enormous first impression. We’ve gone for a look that’s full of motion, interactive, and encompassed in bright colours, shapes, and fonts. Pair that with big, bold, and vibrant imagery and you’ve got yourself a don’t-hold-back style and vibe that deserves a damn good pat on the back! So get curious, be nosey, and make sure you check out every nook and cranny of our new website.

2. Visitor Experience

Our overarching website focus has been on visitor experience to encourage our new visitors, but also inspire them to stay longer, check everything out and familiarise themselves with our tools and services – this means you! We’ve amped up the entire customer process from your initial contact to publishing your news to the world. We’re with you every step of the way to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

3. Responsive and Mobile-friendly

Ok, you’re right, we’ve come out of the dark ages and transitioned into the digital imperatives of responsive and mobile! We know the world of news and communication never sleeps, so you need to have access to sites ‘on the go’. Mobile has overtaken desktop as the device of choice when it comes to internet usage. In fact, since April 2015, having a website that’s not mobile friendly now affects Google’s search engine rankings for mobile searches – shock, horror!

All that aside, please take the time to check out our functionality on your mobile device — we assure you won’t be disappointed.

4. Client Showcase

Our new-look client section is driven by the design idea of a client ‘show reel’ to fully showcase latest news, and well-deserved triumphs.

We love our clients — they’re the reason we do what we do, and why we’re here today so it’s a chance to celebrate their remarkable feats along the way. Our client relationships are mutually beneficial, it’s something we pride ourselves in creating and will continue to nurture into the future of our business.

Check out our clients and what they’ve done

5. Interactive Blog Section

At some point, everyone needs an extra perspective when making decisions and we’ve provided a portal that does just that; it has its own voice. Our ‘savvy’ blog is an interactive outlet that’s bursting at the seams with helpful tips, tools of the trade, and thought-provoking information right at your fingertips, just like your personal advisor. Our clients and website visitors can provide feedback straight to our hot little hands and get the answers to any lingering questions.

See what goodies we’ve already got in store for you!

6. New and Updated Services

We’ve also updated our services and added in a social media element to further enhance our clients’ ever-increasing needs for positioning in the digital realm.

We know our clients need a more robust package to ensure that they get full coverage on the media and communications spectrum, getting their news and ideas into the hands of their desired audience.

As you’re no doubt aware, social media is here to stay and we reach our audiences where they are. Did you know your number of fans is irrelevant? It’s all about engagement. How are you connecting and interacting with people and how are they engaging with you?

Businesses that are local, regional or just too small to have national recognition benefit greatly from social media. By creating amazing content and targeting it at an expanded audience, the world is your oyster! Make sure you check out our social media services and if you want to chat to us about this further then GET IN TOUCH.

Thank you for following us and our journey so far. We’d absolutely love to hear any feedback you may have so please feel free to comment if you think there’s something else we should know. Also, if you enjoyed the post and want others to know about it then please share the love!

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