Media release from Whitelaw Mitchell

Two Queenstown-based creatives have today (Monday July 3) announced news of an exciting collaboration.

Kimberly Whitelaw, 33, and Maranda Mitchell, 31, are joining forces to deliver a multi-disciplinary creative design studio as newly-branded Whitelaw Mitchell, renowned as the ‘littlest big agency’.

Collaboration is at the very heart of the business for the female leaders. Kimberly thrives on user interface design and development projects, while Maranda brings art direction, design, photography and cinematography to the table.

Kimberly says both designers saw the partnership as a good opportunity to grow and evolve the existing Whitelaw Design business, founded in 2011.

“I’m thrilled that my business has gone from strength to strength since I ‘set up shop’ in Queenstown,” she says.

“Maranda has worked for me as a designer for the past eighteen months and I’m confident I’ve found a trusted business partner who complements my skillset and can help take the business to new heights.

“In an ever-changing digital environment, we’ve created an opportunity in a space not filled by traditional agency disciplines, and our dynamic and versatile approach will enable us to compete in a national creative market.”

Known as the brains behind former brand Whitelaw Design, Kimberly has worked as a graphic and web designer for ten years in Scotland, London and Queenstown.

Maranda said she doesn’t just design art, she consumes it 24/7.

“Our highly collaborative approach and our big city mentality in a small town is what works well for us,” she says.

“We’re ‘yin and yang’ in terms of our personalities, what we offer and even how we connect with our clients.

“The partnership has allowed us to expand on our skillsets, lean on each other’s strengths and take on bigger challenges.

“Our aim is to be pitching alongside big design firms nationally and internationally, with the nimbleness and flexibility that only a small agency can offer, giving our clients a more personable, honest collaboration.”

Maranda said she was ecstatic to be working with someone as talented as Kimberly, and describes her as “a critical part of the puzzle”.

With over 12 years’ experience designing for boutique agencies and large-scale firms in California including Pacific Communications and Baby Bird Communications, Maranda’s design exploration led her to New Zealand in 2015.

“I want to create a more influential impact and rattle a few cages in New Zealand’s design community,” she says.

“Art should be impactful, catch people’s attention and be open to interpretation.

“Kimberly and I both wear many hats – problem solvers, artists, thought leaders and successful women in business.

“For us it’s about being creative, pushing boundaries and we’ve got such a great opportunity to do this in Queenstown and further afield. The advertising agency world can be a bit old-school at times so we’re proudly females competing in this arena.”

Kimberly said their vision was to build a timeless, distinguished design agency, reflecting client brand ethos and delivering results beyond expectations.

“We’ll continue to build our client relationships through a personable and down-to-earth approach. We’re proud of every one of our clients, so thank you for growing with us,” she says.

“Times are changing. We’ve found our rhythm and we’re moving to it.”

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