Media release from VisitorPoint

New Zealand-based brochure distribution company VisitorPoint finished 2017 with its biggest month on record.

The company’s distribution services hit a record high for December 2017, close to 1.3 million brochures dispatched in December alone, up 11% on December 2016.

More than 10.9 million brochures were distributed in 2017.

VisitorPoint is New Zealand’s only national distributor of travel and tourism information, having distributed brochures throughout New Zealand for more than 30 years.

Delighted about placing more tourism products in market than ever before, business development manager Jenni Powell said the increase was a big accomplishment, especially in today’s digital age.

“Printed tourism brochures are certainly not a thing of the past in New Zealand,” she said.

“More than 38% of visitors are using travel brochures as a primary source of information for bookings.

“December is always a particularly busy month for us but to see such a significant percentage increase nationally is really impressive.

“We’ve been working really hard to help spread national growth into the regions, alongside Tourism New Zealand’s efforts to promote regional growth.”

Distribution in Northland, Marlborough and Dunedin grew significantly with over 30% increase in each region.

Mrs Powell said the growth was a result of growing demand, the company’s suite of products and increased accessibility of advertisers to potential clients and trade.

“After a bumper year of growth, we’re looking ahead to our target of 11 million brochures for 2018, and continuing to grow and develop in the regions beyond the popular tourist spots.”

With offices in Queenstown, Christchurch and Auckland, the company has over 2000 physical display outlets nationally, and 30 staff including 19 high-profile merchandisers who are constantly on the road supplying its 36 distribution circuits.

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1/ VisitorPoint’s distribution services hit a record high for December 2017. Image credit: Colin Walkington