Communications Queenstown


We’re Queenstown’s go-to crisis communications experts. Our team of trained professionals will guide you through the dark days and get you back to ‘business as usual’ in no time.

Businesses constantly face unplanned situations – when not handled correctly these can escalate into a crisis and detrimentally affect your company’s reputation. When things go wrong, we’re the first port of call for businesses across all sectors looking to manage the media storm and protect their well-earned reputation.

What we offer:

• Strategic crisis communications planning
• Internal communications documents
• Crisis identification
• Real-time crisis support and media liaison
• Media and spokesman training
• Crisis communications team training

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From crisis communications to copywriting, social media to strategic planning and everything in between – SPR is here to help you conquer the world of modern communications!

We offer a FREE one-hour consultation, so pop in for a cuppa and we'll talk through your goals, vision and business strategy so we can put together a communications plan that delivers.